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Naturmort Series, part 3

Buttercup ring in white gold with diamond, Plum Flower clip-on earring in white gold with diamonds, Magnolia flower in white gold with diamond, Moon pendant necklace with quartz, garnet, and diamonds in white gold and sterling silver, Tobacco Flower in rose gold with paraiba tourmalines, spinels and sapphires, Plum Flower clip-on earrings in yellow gold with diamonds and removable amethysts, gems of tourmaline, paraiba tourmalines, sapphires and spinel. Rosemary charm in yellow gold on a chain. 2019   Rosemary charm in yellow gold, Peony necklace in silver with quartz flower. 2019, 2014.   Juniper earring with diamonds in white gold, Heliotrope necklace with diamonds in sterling silver, Magnolia ring in white gold with diamond,  Plum Flower clip-on earring in white...

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More pictures from Naturmort Series

Lavender pendant in yellow gold, Heliotrope necklace in silver with spinels, 2018.     Heather brooch with diamonds, 2019.   Freesia ring in white gold with quartz, Magnolia ring with diamond in white gold, 2015, 2019.   Fig earrings with topazes in yellow gold, Pisces ring in silver with diamonds, 2018   Lupine pendant necklace in grown amethyst in silver, 18 karat yellow gold earrings with diamonds and removable drops of amethysts, 2019.    Buttercup ring with cushion diamond in white gold, Magnolia ring in white gold with diamond, Tobacco ring in rose gold with spinels, sapphires and paraiba tourmalines. Mask Noh, clay, oil. 2019

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70th Berlinale Film Festival report

Anne Ratte-Polle wearing our Plum Blossom 18 Karat yellow gold earrings with diamonds and Magnolia 19 Karat white gold ring with crashed ice cushion diamond. Day of preparation:   Anne Ratte-Polle wearing Tobacco flower ring in rose gold with spinels, sapphires and Paraiba tourmalines, Plum Blossom 18 Karat yellow gold earrings with diamonds, and Moon pendant in white gold with diamonds and garnet:   We also designed her incredible one and only chantilly dress, with manually placed flowers. It is unique handmade couture work which exists in one copy only.

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Berries magic

Tobacco flower ring in 18 karat rose gold with pigeon blood ruby, spinel, rubellite, sapphires, paraiba tourmalines. Gems near plum blossom earring with diamonds: pear drop waterpool paraiba tourmaline, rubellite pear, spinel cushion, titan storm spinel cushion, rutile silky sapphire.       Moon pendant in white gold with opal on top, gems: rock crystal, diamonds, garnet. Ring in 18 karat yellow gold with citrine.   Juniper earring in white gold with crushed ice cushion diamonds.

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Bamboo necklace

The motive of the flowers now applies with cabochon drops of amethysts, garnets, smoky and green quartzes, emeralds and spinels. The classic Bamboo collection achieved the new invisible baroque touch. Yet it does not look baroque or Chinese, but futuristically in between.   The first jewellery collection by Polya Medvedeva has been launched in 2010 in Atelier1 (Ukraine), this boutique's first foray internationally was a corner in Dover street market (London). Campaign for Bamboo collection in 2010:  

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Drops of Fig and Plum flowers. Autumn Naturmort Series

"...It was sunlight that burned in those droplets of ink, As in clusters of dusty black currants..." Boris Pasternak, 1917 The 2018–2019 Polya Medvedeva Jewellery collection as always mirrors the shapes of nature. Yet this year author added a hint of colours into the pieces. That could be explained by the oil paintings, which became a true passion for Polya, after she moved to Berlin a few years ago from Ukraine, where she launched her line in 2010. This year she also rebranded her line from Velar to her own name Polya Medvedeva. In the first years she slightly experimented with shades of smoky quartzes from blackest morion to whisky transparent, and in 2015 for the first time she used colorful...

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Anne Ratte-Polle in Medvedeva Jewellery at the 64th Berlinale

As for the last 9 years you can still order a copy of the jewellery piece in the boutique Atelier1 in Kiev (Ukraine), and from now on the website, where you can buy products online. However Polya's jewellery is like paintings, fits best for the art lovers. One of these connoisseurs this year was the German actress Anne Ratte-Polle, internationally known by Netflix series Dark. The refined muse of the brand is better known in Germany as theater actress and she chose the jewellery for all of her outfits at the 64th Berlinale Film Festival.

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