Gems: the light of Spinel

Legendary Joel Arthur Rosenthal (JAR) judges the gems and his jewellery works in the different lights. This thorough attitude is the key in contemplation of unique play of the light in gems, which is different depends of cut and other mineral characteristics and qualities.
The spinel is unique and special gem. It exists in the different colours: red, pink, green, lilac and even grey, which may seem impossible. Spinel has a special and soft flexibility of the light reflection in all the directions, which gives it a unique semblance of the perfect smooth water surface of the calmest lake.

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Sometimes there is a feeling, that it is not customary to talk about this royal gem, as its aesthetic qualities are just too discriminating. Therefore collectors all over the world, I may bet, assemble spinels… secretly.

Photo: taken at Basel World Gems and Jewellery Show

It is not that easy to find a couple of spinels in same shades and shapes for the earrings, one is lucky to find a perfect fitting to each others pair. One of the experts who had this luck is Vladislav Yavorsky who even dedicated to spinel his 
marvellous book where he used his own pictures from spinel origins all over the world.

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