Fashion Inspired by Artificial Intelligence: scent in the name of AlphaGo

In March of 2016 AlphaGo (a computer Go program by Google DeepMind) played against Go world champion Lee Sedol in Seoul. To understand the depth of the situation which made us name the fragrance AlphaGo, you need to know a few things.

First, no one knew what will happen. There are so many variations of stones in Go game that none of the computers can win by calculations. Meaning, second, the only chance to win for a human was to learn from humans, from all of the games which have ever been played and learn the different human strategies.

Which connects to the third, the game of Go is a phenomenon for learning a human, it was always like this with this game, "want to know the character of a person – play a game of Go together". And of course, first of all, you can learn your self, your strategies and fears, what can stop you (and what you need to overcome) or what makes you play too risky. The multi-levels abstract and math metaphor of human psychology and philosophy is hidden by its beautiful language of simple rules placed on a desk with white and black stones. There are many channels in Asia, televising games online 24/7, there are many books about this game such as "Go and Asian Paradigm for Business Strategy", which presents amazing examples of wise and ethical business decisions which can one learn from a game. AlphaGo is an artificial intelligence based on an artificial neural network (deep learning method), and it is an extra "sphere of the human evolution", such as human writing. Evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins called humanity a sphere of the ideas replication, and the abstract Go concepts are also ideas, which appeared as the result of our evolution by playing, learning and exchanging the experience. Alpha Go is an expansion of the human collective memory and experience.  Here is the article (in Russian) Go Singularity, where this concept explained with more details:го-сингулярность-a63b660daa75

The game of Go inspired a beautiful book by Japanese writer Yasunari Kawabata (which was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature) "A Master of Go", referred to by many other beautiful novels. The beauty of the game and its abstract wisdom is a great treasure for the world, of course, if we can learn to learn from it.


However, the magic of the game and this big transition inspired us to dedicate our second jewellery fragrance to AlphaGo with the notes of lacquered wood, cedar, stone bowls, the plastic of the computer, ilang-ilang, vetiver, rice, musk and amber. The result was launched as usual in Kiev concept-store Atelier 1 in 2016 with the packaging illustrated by Polya. It was the second fragrance by her jewellery line, was mentioned in the magazines and a few articles in Ukraine. 



There is still so much more the western world can learn from Asia, and it is coming. 

Here is the article by Vogue online, mentioning AlphaGo:

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