Lupine: the kingdom of Elves

Flowers and twigs were always the motives of the Velar jewellery collections. But we were not the first ones, who captured the beauty of Lupine. Albrecht Dürer was drawing the flowers, including amazing lupines, and by the way his father was a jeweller. The other jewellery giant star René Lalique created his lupine art jewellery pieces a hundred years ago. Was there any chance for us to make it as good after him? Well we have tried our best.


René Lalique bracelet, Musée Gulbenkian


This pendant we produced by now in one copy, which is still unsold, first presented at MYSTETSKYI ARSENAL (big thanks to Vogue Urkaine initiative), it has been made of amethyst and silver, designed by me.


Lupine in amethyst, Velar jewellery by Polya Medvedeva

The Ukrainian geologist and diamond explorer in Africa, our great friend Yuri Boublik, has created the cut for the amethyst, which gives it the dusty shades of purple, and Velar's best friend Vladimyr Nazarenko, Ukrainian jeweller, finished the composition with the silver leaves.


Lupine is the symbols of imagination, originally the word came from the "wolf". Lupines remind us forest elves and fairies, maybe because of its cone shape like the hats of them.

Today for the first time it is possible to buy our beautiful Lupine online, and it also can be ordered in gold and in the other gems, like citrins, crystals or smoky quartzes. Contact us for the details.