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Naturmort Series, part 3

Buttercup ring in white gold with diamond, Plum Flower clip-on earring in white gold with diamonds, Magnolia flower in white gold with diamond, Moon pendant necklace with quartz, garnet, and diamonds in white gold and sterling silver, Tobacco Flower in rose gold with paraiba tourmalines, spinels and sapphires, Plum Flower clip-on earrings in yellow gold with diamonds and removable amethysts, gems of tourmaline, paraiba tourmalines, sapphires and spinel. Rosemary charm in yellow gold on a chain. 2019   Rosemary charm in yellow gold, Peony necklace in silver with quartz flower. 2019, 2014.   Juniper earring with diamonds in white gold, Heliotrope necklace with diamonds in sterling silver, Magnolia ring in white gold with diamond,  Plum Flower clip-on earring in white...

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More pictures from Naturmort Series

Lavender pendant in yellow gold, Heliotrope necklace in silver with spinels, 2018.     Heather brooch with diamonds, 2019.   Freesia ring in white gold with quartz, Magnolia ring with diamond in white gold, 2015, 2019.   Fig earrings with topazes in yellow gold, Pisces ring in silver with diamonds, 2018   Lupine pendant necklace in grown amethyst in silver, 18 karat yellow gold earrings with diamonds and removable drops of amethysts, 2019.    Buttercup ring with cushion diamond in white gold, Magnolia ring in white gold with diamond, Tobacco ring in rose gold with spinels, sapphires and paraiba tourmalines. Mask Noh, clay, oil. 2019

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Lupine: the kingdom of Elves

Flowers and twigs were always the motives of the Velar jewellery collections. But we were not the first ones, who captured the beauty of Lupine. Albrecht Dürer was drawing the flowers, including amazing lupines, and by the way his father was a jeweller. The other jewellery giant star René Lalique created his lupine art jewellery pieces a hundred years ago. Was there any chance for us to make it as good after him? Well we have tried our best.   René Lalique bracelet, Musée Gulbenkian   This pendant we produced by now in one copy, which is still unsold, first presented at MYSTETSKYI ARSENAL (big thanks to Vogue Urkaine initiative), it has been made of amethyst and silver, designed by me.   Lupine in amethyst, Velar...

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