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Lupine: the kingdom of Elves

Flowers and twigs were always the motives of the Velar jewellery collections. But we were not the first ones, who captured the beauty of Lupine. Albrecht Dürer was drawing the flowers, including amazing lupines, and by the way his father was a jeweller. The other jewellery giant star René Lalique created his lupine art jewellery pieces a hundred years ago. Was there any chance for us to make it as good after him? Well we have tried our best.   René Lalique bracelet, Musée Gulbenkian   This pendant we produced by now in one copy, which is still unsold, first presented at MYSTETSKYI ARSENAL (big thanks to Vogue Urkaine initiative), it has been made of amethyst and silver, designed by me.   Lupine in amethyst, Velar...

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Bamboo necklace

The motive of the flowers now applies with cabochon drops of amethysts, garnets, smoky and green quartzes, emeralds and spinels. The classic Bamboo collection achieved the new invisible baroque touch. Yet it does not look baroque or Chinese, but futuristically in between.   The first jewellery collection by Polya Medvedeva has been launched in 2010 in Atelier1 (Ukraine), this boutique's first foray internationally was a corner in Dover street market (London). Campaign for Bamboo collection in 2010:  

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Anne Ratte-Polle in Medvedeva Jewellery at the 64th Berlinale

As for the last 9 years you can still order a copy of the jewellery piece in the boutique Atelier1 in Kiev (Ukraine), and from now on the website, where you can buy products online. However Polya's jewellery is like paintings, fits best for the art lovers. One of these connoisseurs this year was the German actress Anne Ratte-Polle, internationally known by Netflix series Dark. The refined muse of the brand is better known in Germany as theater actress and she chose the jewellery for all of her outfits at the 64th Berlinale Film Festival.

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