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Drops of Fig and Plum flowers. Autumn Naturmort Series

"...It was sunlight that burned in those droplets of ink, As in clusters of dusty black currants..." Boris Pasternak, 1917 The 2018–2019 Polya Medvedeva Jewellery collection as always mirrors the shapes of nature. Yet this year author added a hint of colours into the pieces. That could be explained by the oil paintings, which became a true passion for Polya, after she moved to Berlin a few years ago from Ukraine, where she launched her line in 2010. This year she also rebranded her line from Velar to her own name Polya Medvedeva. In the first years she slightly experimented with shades of smoky quartzes from blackest morion to whisky transparent, and in 2015 for the first time she used colorful...

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