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About the designer Jewellery

In 2018–2019 Polya’s jewellery collection as always mirrors the shapes of nature. In the first years the author slightly experimented with shades of diamonds and smoky quartzes from blackest morion to whisky transparent, and in 2015 for the first time she used colourful spinels, which she hid between the filigreed flower ornaments of gold. And lately author added a hint of colours into the pieces for the first time, discovered her personal and unique way to encrust the gems for the pieces will still look like the sculptures of classicism or asian art, but yet still new, and will keep the attitude of nature, and the significant elegance of the jewellery by artist. She uses spinels, tanzanites, emeralds, diamonds, pearls, rubies, sapphires, amethysts, and garnets between the filigreed flowers ornaments of gold, fig fruits shapes or twigs of tea, bamboos, Chinese peonies.

And if the necklace even has a baroque attitude, it will always has a new touch, such as bamboo collection necklace, which does not look baroque or Chinese, but futuristically in between. This also applies to the authors ethical intuition to emerge western and asian, a monochrome ink and figurative oil painting with the old glazing technique, politically right and left, the shadow in psychoanalytical way and the joy of the changing light, the chaotic pain and yet true mercy of being an empathic human.

The pieces combine technical accurate work by professional jewellers with the years of experience and new sculptural ideas by the artist. 

The jewellery inspiration comes from elegant ink-drawing and the shining poetry of Asian artists, which takes its roots from the time when the sensational art theory was created. 

The artworks of Polya have big support by Vogue UA, Vogue RU, Harprer’s Bazaar UA, Andy Warhol’s Interview magazine RU, Another magazine UK and the other magazines.

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Video about design and painting process